Users cannot login or view directories on Shares for Windows


The Shares UI is very slow to perform browser actions, and users may even be blocked from logging in or viewing directories.

This issue occurs on a Windows installation of Shares. A configuration property which allows the automatic deletion of MySQL data on old transfer sessions is by default disabled on Windows installations of Shares. This means that Shares on Windows is not able to keep the database size down, which can result in slower responses or no responses to user requests.

  • Product: Shares
  • Platform: Windows


The fix to this issue is the enable the configuration property (purgestats.enabled) responsible for freeing up space in the database.

On your Windows machine where Shares is installed, perform the following steps:

1. Find the file and open it in a text editor:

  • C:\Shares\statscollector\etc\

2. Look for the purgestats.enabled setting:

## Enables purging old statistics from the database.
## Default false
# purgestats.enabled=false

Change the value to true and remove the # symbol:


Save the file.

3. Restart Stats Collector, the service responsible for managing transfer session data.

Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Look for Aspera Stats Collector in the list, right click it select Restart.


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