Minor Release: IBM Aspera Command Line Interface 3.7.2

Product Release: December 16, 2016
Updated: January 17, 2017

We are pleased to announce the general release of IBM Aspera Command Line Interface 3.7.2 for Linux, OSX, and Windows.  The Aspera Command-Line Interface (Aspera CLI) provides the same data-transfer functionality as the faspex and Shares applications, in a convenient command-line client that allows you to automate operations. With the Aspera CLI you can easily build scripts that automate your workflows, such as sending files to remote storage sources or downloading packages that are sent to your local or remote storage location. 

New Features:

The Aspera CLI package now bundles the following programs:

  • Aspera - Command-line client for Aspera Faspex and Aspera Shares
  • Ascp - Command-line FASP transfer program
  • Ascp4 (A4) - Next-Gen FASP transfer program similar to ascp that has been optimized for sending large sets of individual files and can support UDP multicast through Aspera FASPStream

Note: This release of the Aspera CLI does not support the Shares Management API or the Faspex v4 API.  This release includes the following new features, updates, and improvements: 

The full release notes are available to review here.  Click here to download the latest release.

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