Release Notes: IBM Aspera Transfer Service 1.4 for AWS and IBM Cloud

Product Release: September 12, 2017
Release Notes Updated: November 9, 2017

This release of IBM Aspera Transfer Service 1.4 for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud provides the new features, fixes, and other changes listed below. These release notes also list system requirements, including supported platforms, and known problems.


  • Upgraded ATS transfer servers now run Enterprise Server 3.7.4 and IBM Aspera Desktop Client 3.7.4 is now available. These offer enhanced robustness of connections to object storage and increased security, among other improvements.
  • New regions are supported: 
    • AWS - Singapore (ap-southeast-1), Sydney (ap-southeast-2)
    • Azure - Iowa (centralus), Singapore (southeastasia)
    • Softlayer - Milan (mil), Frankfurt (fra)
  • For AWS, you can now create ATS access keys that are authenticated with IAM roles instead of user credentials. (CIM-610)
  • For AWS, content type is now enabled and automatically assigns content type to files.
  • For AWS, ATS now supports Trap links (symlinks), which enable you to save an object in a different location and with a different name without actually duplicating the object. For information on using Trap links, see the IBM Aspera Enterprise Server Admin Guide for Linux.


ATS-166 - When you attempt to create an access key for a S3 bucket that has a space in its path, an HTTP 500 error is returned on the Aspera ID web UI after you enter your Aspera ID credentials, or when you try to create an access key with the Node API.


Aspera transfer client: The following products can be configured to transfer using ATS:

  • Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point Client, and Desktop Client 3.6+
  • Faspex 3.9.4+
  • Shares 1.9.6+
  • Console 3.1.1+ (Transfer monitoring)
  • Console 3.2.0 (GA)+ (Transfer monitoring and initiation)
  • Aspera Files


ATS Getting Started Guide
ATS Getting Started Video


ATS-196 - When creating an AWS trust relationship as part of creating an access key that uses IAM role authentication, the role assumes that the bucket is in us-east-1. If your bucket is not in us-east-1, manually edit the trust relationship with the correct region.

ATS-190 - Renaming files in ATS clusters by using IBM Aspera Shares 1.x or 2.0.x fails with an error message that states the item cannot be found and Shares might crash.

ATS-187 - Access to ATS is not revoked when the Aspera ID password is changed because Aspera Desktop Client does not ask for a password. (CIM-803) Workaround: On each Desktop Client for which you want to revoke access, go to Tools > Manage ATS. Select the subscription you want to manage from the Subscription drop-down menu and click Manage. Click on the subscription you want to remove and click the minus sign (Delete a subscription).

ATS-114 - If the ATS API is used to create an invallid access key (such as one with invalid credentials or incomplete JSON), the invalid access key is returned on the next call to list the access keys.

ATS-63 - When adding an ATS cluster to an Aspera web application (IBM Aspera Shares or IBM Aspera Faspex), the ATS access key does not consistently provide access to ATS, often quickly alternating between usable and unusable.


For on-line support resources for Aspera products, including raising new support tickets, please visit the Aspera Support Portal. Note that you may have an existing account if you contacted the Aspera support team in the past. Before creating a new account, first try setting a password for the email that you use to interact with us. You may also call one of our regional support centers.

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