Minor Release: IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.11 for Linux & Windows

Release Date: September 29, 2017

We are pleased to announce the minor release of IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.11 for Linux and Windows. This release of IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.11 provides the following new features as well as fixes and other changes:


  • Migration Support for Shares 2.x: Admins can now use a rake task to export Shares 1.x configurations. The exported file can be used to migrate Shares 1.x configurations to a Shares 2.x server
  • SAML:  Admins can now set restrictions so that only users imported from SAML can log into Shares
  • System: Java version updated to 1.8.0_144-b01
  • Shares API 
    • Supports updating share properties and deleting share permissions for users and groups
    • Supports two welcome email options when creating a local user, i.e., one that requires setting password on user creation and another that has a password reset link
    • Supports updating the properties of a local groups and adding SAML users to local groups


You can read the full release notes here.  Aspera’s support team stands by ready to help you as needed with upgrades. If you have any questions or would like upgrade assistance, please contact support@asperasoft.com.


The latest version of Aspera Shares 1.9.11 can be downloaded here.

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