Minor Release: Aspera on Demand 3.7.3 for AWS and Bluemix


We are pleased to announce the release of IBM Aspera on Demand version 3.7.3 for AWS and Bluemix. This release provides a number of enterprise server improvements including enhanced security, sync functionality, and object storage support. The release also includes enhancements to Shares on Demand and Faspex on Demand.



Enhanced Security & Access Controls

  • New checksum algorithms SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 can be utilized to ensure data integrity and authenticity.
  • Improved detection of potential Distributed Denial of Service attempts involving missing or slow SSL negotiation requests. The HTTP fallback daemon now automatically times out connections that do not send a request or are too slow.
  • Aspera now supports Kerberos for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) transfers.
  • New fields are available in the AWS access keys to support AWS KMS server-side encryption and the INFREQUENT_ACCESS storage class.

Expanded Cloud and Object Support

  • IBM Bluemix Swift and S3 storage are now supported and, along with Azure PAGE blob storage, can be specified as an ATS connection .
  • Sync with S3 is now fully supported, including bi-directional sync between S3 buckets.
  • The Node API now supports access keys for IBM Bluemix, S3 storage, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure Storage, and Microsoft SAS Storage.
  • S3 versioning is now supported. Versioned object overwrite options can be configured in /opt/aspera/etc/trapd/s3.properties.

Shares on Demand

  • The Purge event feed items background job (System Settings > Background) is now enabled by default.
  • Shares now supports signed SAML authentication requests.
  • Shares addresses accessibility support improvements including an updated design for High Contrast mode.
  • Nginx has been upgraded to version 1.12.1.

Faspex on Demand

  • Scheduled package delivery allows Faspex users to delay package delivery without delaying the package upload.
  • Alternate addresses allows for the white-listing of alternate hostnames and now supports comma-delimited Classless Inter-Domain Routing, allowing you to specify multiple subnets or a specific range of addresses.
  • Admins can now configure a global policy for invitation link expiration times for personal and dropbox invitations. By default, users are allowed to set their own custom expiration dates for invitation links.
  • New search functionality offered to users browsing packages on the Sent and Received pages.
  • New support for the Packaged Sent CC and Package Received CC email templates.
  • Faspex supports a new SAML option for user authentication and authorization.
  • Admins now have the ability to control external package sending.
  • Security
    • The self-signed SSL certificate generated by Faspex during installation is now a SHA-256 certificate.
    • jQuery has been updated to version 2.2.4.
    • You can now require that users agree to a custom Terms of Service prior to sending packages. (CIM-230)



Deployment and availability information can be found here.


The release notes can be found here

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