Minor Release: IBM Aspera Orchestrator 3.0.3 for Linux

We are pleased to announce the release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator 3.0.3 for Linux. This release offers two new MQ-specific plugins. Quick start your workflow development with pre-built MQ and IIB-specific workflows now included in the package.



New Plugins
  • The IBM MQ Integrations Plugin allows you to put and get messages to a queue on a specific queue manager as part of your Orchestrator workflow. Put messages are used to trigger FASP transfers between an Aspera Server and an Aspera Endpoint or the Aspera Transfer Service (for object storage destinations).
  • The IBM MQ MFT Transfer Plugin allows you to run an MQ MFT transfer and to monitor the status of an MQ MFT transfer as part of your Orchestrator workflow. This plugin is compatible with authenticated systems.



This 3.0.3 release is available for download here. Aspera’s support team stands by ready to help you as needed with upgrades. If you have any questions or would like upgrade assistance, please contact support@asperasoft.com.


The release notes for IBM Aspera Orchestrator 3.0.3 can be found here.

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