Using Connect after the Firefox 53 release

Mozilla released the Firefox 53 version of its browser on April 19, 2017. Firefox 53 drops NPAPI support, which may affect your use of the Aspera Connect plugin on Firefox.

Am I affected?

You are affected if you use Firefox 53 and can no longer use Connect as before. Your web application may tell you that Connect is not installed, even though it is, and transfers will no longer work.


If you are affected, the issue most likely has to do with your web application server, which your server administrators will need to upgrade. Send your server admin the following article for more information: Supporting Connect on your server after the Firefox 52 release

In the meantime, you can also use Safari or Internet Explorer, which are browsers that still support NPAPI and ActiveX respectively.


1. Downgrade your Firefox to version 51 or earlier

Old installers for Firefox 51 can be found here:

Additionally, you can stop Firefox 51 from automatically upgrading by following the steps below (note: this may be a security risk as you will not receive security updates):

a. Select the 3 line menu button in the upper-right corner, and click Options (or Preferences)

b. Click Advanced, then click the Update tab.

c. Select Never check for updates (not recommended: security risk)


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    Gregory Almond

    Is there an ETA as to when this issue will be rectified by Aspera? NPAPI support is being removed from many popular web browsers, and downgrading/using an old browser seems to be an inefficient way of mitigating the issue.

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    Andrea Campos

    Hi Gregory,

    This issue has already been resolved with the latest version of Connect, which does not depend on NPAPI. If you use the latest version of Connect on an up to date web server, you are good to go on all modern web browsers.

    This article is addressing the situation where you cannot use the latest version of Connect because of an outdated web server (such as an out of date Faspex, Shares or Connect Server). If your server admin cannot immediately upgrade, then these workarounds should be employed. Otherwise, upgrading to the latest Connect plug-in will allow you to use Firefox 52 and other latest browser versions.

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    Laurent Martin

    Older Aspera web applications, e.g. Faspex before version 3.9.2 used an older plugin API based on NPAPI. This browser API is deprecated now.
    In firefox 52 or 53, one can re-activate this with the following:
    in the browser, type the following in the address field : (where there is usually: https://www. ...)

    then look for the following parameter: plugin.load_flash_only
    If it exists, set it to "false"
    if it does not exist, right click in the window, and create a new bolean value with this name, and set the value to false.
    Now, older web applications will find the plugin.

    Edited by Laurent Martin
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