Minor Release: IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.7.1 for Linux & Windows

Product Release: March 15, 2017
Release Notes Updated: March 15, 2017

We are proud to announce this release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator for Windows and Linux that provides the new features and fixes listed below. Additional sections cover system requirements and resources.


  • New Orchestrator plugins:
    • Aspera Files Package Delivery - Delivers packages to Aspera Files
    • Aspera Files Package Watcher - Monitors uploads to Aspera Files; grabs metadata, if uploaded to the dropbox; and provides file paths, if node information is provided
    • Aspera Shares Transfer Setup - Returns the transfer specification to be used for a transfer to or from a share defined within Aspera Shares, using a Shares user credential
    • Cambria FTC Transcoder
    • Dependency Checker
    • Eolementhe Workflow Manager
  • Filename exclusion feature is now available in both Remote File Watcher and Aspera Node File Watcher plugins.
  • Rest Request plugin now provides ability to give file path on disk to be read into POST body.
  • Elemental Transcoder plugin now fetches all profiles instead of the previous default 20 profiles.
  • New support for Windows 2016
  • Changes to the Engine ensure that only one worker at a time can delete work orders, thus eliminating the problem of other synchronous tasks not being able to execute.

You can download the release here or read the latest release notes here.

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