Supporting Connect on your server after the Firefox 52 release

Starting in March, 2017 Firefox deprecated their traditional plug-in technology (NPAPI). Aspera customers using current Aspera servers and up-to-date Firefox browsers will continue to work without issues.

Current Aspera web application servers include:

  • Faspex 3.9.2 and above
  • Shares 1.9.2 and above
  • Connect Server 3.5.5 and above

This article is for server administrators and IT departments. If you are a Connect end user, please see this article: Using Connect after the Firefox 52 release.

Are my server's users affected?

If you are running an up to date Aspera web application...

  • You users are not affected if you are using the Connect SDK in the default configuration, meaning you are using Aspera's server to host it.
  • If your Linux users can't or won't upgrade to Firefox 52, the Connect SDK 3.7.2 will be released in April to support these users. Once it is released, Connect will simply work for these users with no action required.

If you are not running an up to date Aspera web application...

  • Users can continue to use Firefox prior to version 52. Internet Explorer will continue to work, but Chrome will not. Users can continue to use Safari unless they are using the latest Safari v10 (see this article: Using Connect on Safari 10)
  • The longer term solution is to upgrade your server to the latest version. If you locally host the Connect SDK, you will need to upgrade this as well.

If you are running a custom web application with the Connect SDK...

  • Your users are not affected if you use an up to date Connect SDK (version 3.7.1 or above).
  • If you include the Aspera cloudfront scripts for asperaweb-4.min.js, you are using the latest SDK version. If you instead host the scripts locally, ensure you have Connect SDK 3.7.1 or above, and upgrade if you are at a prior version.
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