Minor Release: IBM Aspera Transfer Cluster Manager 1.2.3

We are pleased to announce the release of IBM Aspera Transfer Cluster Manager 1.2.3 for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Bluemix. This new release adds support for IBM Bluemix S3 Object Storage and enhances the manageability of the product.



  • Cluster Manager now supports IBM Bluemix S3 Object Storage.
  • The cluster configuration now supports the ability to configure options for the following external services that the Cluster Manager monitors: Aspera Central, Aspera NodeD, Aspera TrapD, Aspera ScaleKV, HTTPD, ALEE, Nginx.
  • New event log search capabilities include the ability to search all fields in the event log when browsing a cluster's nodes.
  • Cluster Manager now displays the Node ID in the Activity Status tab.
  • Service health checks have been decoupled from status reporting.



This 1.2.3 release is available for download here. Aspera’s support team stands by ready to help you as needed with upgrades. If you have any questions or would like upgrade assistance, please contact support@asperasoft.com.


The release notes for IBM Aspera Transfer Cluster Manager 1.2.3 can be found here.

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