Minor Release: Aspera Console 3.2.0 for Linux and Windows

We are pleased to announce the release of IBM Aspera Console 3.2.0. This release introduces additional cluster management features and new watch folder configuration options.



  • Add clusters as managed clusters or unmanaged clusters. These clusters can be added by domain name and configured to use multiple access keys or sub-access keys per cluster.
  • Create Simple and Smart Transfers for clusters. These transfer sessions can be configured to use the Node API credentials and cluster API Access Keys / Secrets.
  • The watch folder remote node can now be configured with token authentication.
  • Watch folders can now be created on nodes that do not have SSH credentials configured for them.



This 3.2.0 release is available for download here. Aspera’s support team stands by ready to help you as needed with upgrades. If you have any questions or would like upgrade assistance, please contact support@asperasoft.com.


The release notes for IBM Aspera Console 3.2.0 can be found here.

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