Reverting a Work Step within a Workflow that Has Been Reverted to a Previous State

Please note: The "problem" described below is expected behavior in Orchestrator.

Problem: You begin with the action template for a step in the workflow, which in the example below has the value “files” under Required Inputs.


You change the value to “files-and-folders”, then you save and publish the workflow.

When you revert to an earlier version of the workflow, the action template for the step that you modified displays the most recent edited values (“files-and-folders”), instead of the values present in the previous version.



Cause:  In Orchestrator, plugin revision history is not tracked simultaneously with workflow revision history, so the work step version is not automatically reverted with the workflow.

Solution: After you revert the workflow, revert the template version of the work step with one of the following procedures.

Orchestrator 3.0.0

1. With the workflow open in the workflow designer, right-click the work step and click Edit Action Template.

2. Click the Revision History icon revision_history_icon.png at the top-right

3. Hover over the row for the previous version of the action template (prior to your edit), click the action icon action_icon.png and click Publish. The reverted workflow now contains the correct version of the work step.

Orchestrator 2.7.1 and earlier

1. Click Workflows > Workflow Actions.

2. In the left pane (Select or Search for Action Type menu), click the plugin type matching the work step.

3. In the pane that opens, click the dropdown arrow under the Configured Instances column, then click View revision history.


4. Click the dropdown arrow next to the earlier version of the action template, and click Publish. The reverted workflow now contains the correct version of the work step.


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