Stats-collector (NP) crash after kernel upgrade (linux)


Statscollector (node poller)  crashes after a yum update on a Linux Supported OS server.

On a Faspex server, this issue is most evident when running asctl all:status and seeing that the Faspex NP Background job in unable to start:

Faspex NP Background: Start...
'Error executing '/opt/aspera/faspex/lib/daemons/np/' start' (1).
Starting aspera_faspex_np_background: [FAILED]

This is a known OS issue related to Java.


The current workaround is to increase the thread stack size of the Java JVM.

1. Open the following file in a text editor:

  • /opt/aspera/faspex/lib/daemons/np/

2. Locate the following line:

JVM_OPTIONS="-Xmx64M -Dlogback.configurationFile="$CDF_INSTALL_DIR/config/logback.xml" -Dinstallation.dir="$CDF_INSTALL_DIR""

Replace the line with the following:

JVM_OPTIONS="-Xmx64M -Dlogback.configurationFile="$CDF_INSTALL_DIR/config/logback.xml" -Dinstallation.dir="$CDF_INSTALL_DIR" -Xss2m"

3. Save the file and restart Faspex services

asctl faspex:restart
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