Major Release: Aspera Shares 2.0.3 for Linux and Windows

Release Date: September 30, 2017

We are excited to announce the major release of IBM Aspera Shares 2.0.3 for Windows and Linux. With the introduction of Organizations and Projects, Shares addresses a common desire to scale across diverse projects and users communities in the enterprise.  This release provides many new features as listed below. 


This release includes major feature additions, architectural differences, and design changes from version 1.x of the Shares product. Due to these changes, in order to map your existing administrative configuration in Shares 1.x to the enhanced administrative features of Shares 2.x, the upgrade path is more involved than most Aspera upgrades.

Depending on your requirements, you may need to rethink the use of Shares in your organization. Please make sure to read about the Shares 1.9.11 export procedure, the Shares 2.0.3 migrate (import) procedure, and the differences between Shares 1.x and 2.x which are covered in the Shares 2.0.3 Admin Guide. You should only upgrade after taking all these differences into consideration. 

This release is available for download here. Aspera’s support team stands by ready to help you as needed. If you have any questions or would like upgrade assistance, please contact


  • Overview of Changes from Shares 1.x
    • Grouping of users and shares into Organization and Projects.
    • Delegation of content sharing and managing rights to authorized roles at the Organization and Project levels
    • Added layers of security to ensure right users and groups have access to right content in Organizations and Projects
    • Enables administration of large user communities while supporting multiple authentication providers (SAML, OAUTH, LDAP, etc)
  • Migration from Shares 1.x: Admins can now use a rake task to migrate Shares 1.x configurations into Shares 2.x.
  • System Administration
    • System admins can now configure transfer security policies, e.g. target rates, transfer policies, encryption, etc.
    • System admins can now add multiple hostnames to use when generating links in email notifications
    • A new Preferences page enables users to configure their name, password, and email notifications
  • Users, Groups, and Teams
    • Shares now supports the user manager role that can manage system users and groups
    • Shares now supports teams in an Organization that are specific collections of users and groups that can be authorized to projects and shares in an organization
    • System Admins can now add remote users without email addresses to Shares if usernames are present.
      • Admins can create a remote user manually and specify a username
      • The username field is automatically populated when an admin imports a LDAP user or a user logs in to Shares through LDAP or SAML
    • First and last names are now optional for user accounts as an email address or username serve as account name
  • Organizations, Projects, and Nodes: Admins can now move a project from one Organization to another as long as they have administrator privileges to both organizations
  • Shares: Admins can now move a share from one project to another as long as they have administrator privileges to both projects
  • Authorizations
    • System admins can now make available the users and groups that Organization admins and Project admins can authorize to their projects and shares
    • Organization admins can be enabled to view and manage system users and groups in their organizations
    • Admins can now view and filter a list of users and groups authorized to shares, projects, and organizations
    • User and Group Details pages show the roles and authorizations associated with users and groups, allow admins to manage direct authorizations and access links to manage indirect authorizations
    • Node Details pages show the authorizations associated with organizations
  • Transfers and Monitoring
    • Supports transfers between shares and across projects within the constraints of a user's permissions
    • Provides new Transfer Monitoring page enables users to monitor transfer status and manage transfers
  • Email Notifications
    • Supports automatic email notifications for events, e.g., password reset, users created, authorizations to a share or project, and transfer completion, etc.
    • Allows users to manage email notifications for content availability on their Profile page or System Admins can configure notifications globally
    • Supports customizable email templates for many email notifications
  • IP Filtering
    • New IP Address Filter configuration page explicitly indicates IP addresses that are allowed and blocked
    • Enables setting of IP filters on individual shares to allow or block access based on a user's IP address
  • System
    • Tables of Organizations, Projects, and Shares are now paginated and can be filtered
    • Requires a minimum version of Enterprise Server 3.7.3
    • Now supports AES-192 and AES-256 transfer encryption options, Windows Server 2016, and OAUTH2


The release notes for IBM Aspera Shares 2.0.3 can be found here.

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