Upgrading Shares On Demand (SHOD) from 3.6.2 to 3.7.3



This article describes how to upgrade Shares On Demand 3.6.2 to version 3.7.3.


1. SSH to your server, and 'sudo' to the root user.  See this article for more details.

2. Back up your existing Console. (Use the Console Web UI to back up Console.  Shares backup is covered below.)

3. Make sure there are no active transfers on your server.

4. Download the latest software packages for Shares On Demand.

# wget http://download.asperasoft.com/sw/ondemand/3.7.3/aws/aspera-ondemand-init-shod-3.7.3-146311.x86_64.rpm \
http://download.asperasoft.com/sw/ondemand/3.7.3/aws/aspera-ondemand-tools-3.7.3-146311.x86_64.rpm \
http://download.asperasoft.com/sw/ondemand/3.7.3/aws/aspera-ondemand-init-base-3.7.3-146311.x86_64.rpm \
http://download.asperasoft.com/sw/ondemand/3.7.3/aws/aspera-shares- \
http://download.asperasoft.com/sw/ondemand/3.7.3/aws/aspera-entsrv- \
http://download.asperasoft.com/sw/ondemand/3.7.3/aws/aspera-common- \


1. Back up the Shares Application. Make a note of the ID of the created backup directory.

# /opt/aspera/shares/u/setup/bin/backup /your_backup_dir

2. Back up the Console Database.

# asctl console:backup_database

3. Stop all Console processes.

# asctl all:stop

4. Stop the Shares Nginx web server.

# /opt/aspera/shares/sbin/sv stop nginx

5. Install the Aspera server, Console, and Console software.

# rpm -Uvh aspera-entsrv-
# /opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin --db-update
# /opt/aspera/bin/alee-admin register customer_id entitlement_id
# rpm -Uvh aspera-common-
# rpm -Uvh aspera-console-
# asctl console:upgrade
# rpm -Uvh aspera-ondemand-init-shod-3.7.3-146311.x86_64.rpm
# rpm -Uvh aspera-ondemand-tools-3.7.3-146311.x86_64.rpm
# rpm -Uvh aspera-ondemand-init-base-3.7.3-146311.x86_64.rpm


6. Stop the Apache process.

Apache was started automatically by the Console upgrade. With this install, we will use Nginx for the web server, not Apache. 

# asctl apache:stop

7. Install the new Shares rpm.

# rpm -Uvh aspera-shares-

8. Configure Shares to use the existing MySQL (that comes with Aspera Console).

Find the MySQL password used for the production version of MySQL.

# less /opt/aspera/console/config/database.yml

9. Edit /opt/aspera/shares/etc/my.cnf.setup and enter in the new password.

Here is an example of a working config. NOTE: We also changed localhost to

user = root
password = 7b3b67b4-7eh6-43a9-b6a6-485b78327bd3
host =
port = 4406

10. Run the Shares upgrade utility.

# /opt/aspera/shares/u/setup/bin/upgrade

11. Disable the Apache Web Server. 

# chkconfig aspera_httpd off

12. (Optional) Create a symlink located here:       /opt/aspera/shares/etc/nginx/locations-enabled/console

# ln -s ../locations-available/console /opt/aspera/shares/etc/nginx/locations-enabled/

13. Restart Nginx. 

# service aspera-shares restart

14. Your system is now upgraded.  

Log in and confirm that everything is working as expected.

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