High Availability Systems with Orchestrator 3.0.1: Failover Does Not Automatically Occur


For high availability systems with Orchestrator 3.0.1, failover does not automatically occur when one of the specified node servers goes offline.



  1. Download the updated file, database.rb — which is attached to this article — to your local machine.
  2. To disable ACM on both Orchestrator servers (disable globally), run the following:
    # /opt/aspera/acm/bin/acmctl -D
  3. To stop all services on both servers, run the following:
    # asctl all:stop
  4. On both servers, copy or transfer the updated database.rb from your local machine and overwrite the older version of the file, found in the following directory:
  5. Edit the database.yml file in the following locations with values appropriate to your system. (For detailed information, go to the Aspera Orchestrator Admin Guide and refer to the example file entries for an installation with Ruby 2.3.0 in the section, "Setting up Database Connectivity").

    Note: In particular, you may need to edit the current values for the primary_host and alternate_host entries.

  6. To enable ACM on all nodes, run the following:
    $ /opt/aspera/acm/bin/acmctl -E


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