Release Notes: IBM Aspera Virtual Catcher 3.0.1

Product Release: July 3, 2017
Release Notes Updated: July 3, 2017

This release of IBM Aspera Virtual Catcher provides the new features, fixes, and other changes listed below. Additional sections cover system requirements and available documentation.


Dashboards and Configuration

  • ORC-1404 - A new dashboard, "Faspex Package Status", displays the download status for packages.
  • The following improvements have been added to the Assets Status dashboard:
    • Dashboard displays status for multiple CMS targets
    • Users can relaunch a transfer session for a particular CMS from the dashboard
    • Dashboard displays license start and end dates
  • Values for dependencies are now relative to the total ("calculative"), instead of hard coded.
  • The configuration file, avc.yml, and the configuration options in the UI have been updated to reflect the new ability to send files from a single server to multiple CMS locations.

Workflows, Work Orders, and Automation Processes

  • Users can now transfer files from a single server to multiple CMS targets.
  • The CMS-specific content (for FTP transport, CORBA pull, and so on) has been removed from the ToCMS workflow and split into smaller sub-workflows for easier analysis and debugging.
  • A new Monitor work area allows the user to track the status of workflows, work orders, folders, scripts, and nodes.
  • ORC-1424 - Notifications now include ADI version information for packages.
  • The improved Work Orders page reduces the necessity for "drill-down" to find necessary information by displaying work order instances next to the corresponding workflows.
  • Multi-layer folder cleanup of empty directories in the asset drop directory has been added.
  • Specific naming conventions have been assigned to all work orders related to an asset:<xml_file_name><asset_id><provider_id><folder_name>.
  • ORC-1234 - The data display in the Notification Queue has been improved.

Other Changes

  • ORC-1425 - The ADI parser tag <content> is now optional.


ORC-1510 - The ToCMS workflow deletes watch folders during cleanup.

ORC-1509 - The CORBA workflow is missing an input parameter.

ORC-1235 - In the log view, search sometimes does not work and returns an "undefined method" error.

Reprocessing of assets upon upgrade do not function properly, subsequent to a change in the workflow ID (on which persistence scope depends).

When MDUs are sent to CORBA, the wrong file name is selected because the staging XML file is not updated in the database.

The asset directory for failed transfers is not functioning properly.

The cleanup of empty directories in the asset drop directory is not functioning properly.

File cleanup does not properly consider the age of the files. For example, in some cases, files older than 60 minutes are not respected: all are deleted.


Windows 64-bit: 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 7, 8, 10
Browsers: Firefox 40-50, Google Chrome 50-56

Linux 64-bit: RHEL 6.0-6.7, 7.0-7.2; CentOS 6.0-6.7, 7.0-7 (1511).
Aspera Common Components 1.2.19
Browsers: Firefox 40-50, Google Chrome 50-56


Linux 64-bit bundle (tar): aspera-orchestrator-vc-bundle-
md5: 4bc621c0b7962bf526e7a01f59c6d0c8
sha1: 1e8fa5fc6e98a5914748def5187ec415d70f100b
Linux 64-bit (rpm): aspera-orchestrator-vc-
md5: 2f6096fed3d52f1370d07f0327445d46
sha1: a67733aabf89a1c59093859f43fea25c7ac824b4
Windows: AsperaOrchestrator-VC-Setup-
md5: fa1fe6f6ce94717639b7e9d0eb114487
sha1: e0b2f664b4d23317b0f66bd7a2e2e070c4209cc2


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