Creating a Scheduled Vlink using the Management Console

A scheduled (or Time Varying) Vlink is one in which differing aggregate bandwidths are allocated based on the time of day and day of the week. This article will describe the steps to create a Vlink that will allow a maximum usage of 500Kbps during the business day, from 8AM to 10PM, and 3Mbps on nights and weekends.

Sign into the Aspera Management Console and select the Node where a Vlink is required from the "Nodes" page.


Select the edit link associated with the node where the Vlink is to be created.

Node Maintenance Screen


Select the Vlinks tab for the node.


On the Vlinks tab click Add Vlink to create a new Vlink.


It is recommended to make the "base" or initial Vlink configuration capacity the number which is applied to the longest or least contiguous capacity value.

Edit Time Varying Schedule to define the varying capacities over the period.


Now that the base Vlink has been created click the Edit Time Varying Schedule button to specify additional time-based parameters for this Vlink.


Click on New Schedule button to define the first (or next) time period.

Add the new Vlink capacity time schedule.


In our example a Vlink has been created allowing 3Mbps at all times. To limit the bandwidth during business hours (8:00AM to 10:00PM which is 22:00 in 24 hour time) select Weekdays and a From time of 08:00 and a To time of 22:00. Specify the rate of 500Kpbs. Click Update to save the schedule.

Resulting Vlink Schedule


The "P2P User" Vlink will allow aggregate bandwidth utilization of 500Mbps M-F from 8:00AM to 10PM (local time) and 3Mbps at all other times to any node or user to which this Vlink is applied. (To add another time parameter, such as a different capacity on Saturday, click on the New Schedule button again.


Define the additional time parameter and capacity.

New Vlink with 3 time parameters/bandwidth values.


The result is a 3 variable Vlink.


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