How to cancel a manually scheduled Smart Transfer

This article documents how to cancel a Smart Transfer which has been manually scheduled for some "later time."

Start a Smart Transfer specifying a time in the future


Smart Transfers can be scheduled "manually" to run one time at some point in the future. This is done by specifying the transfer's Transfer Time rather than using the "Scheduling" option to set it as a recurring Smart Transfer.

To set the Transfer Time, select the Start option under Actions for the Smart Transfer of your choice and open the Transfer Time options. Change the setting from Now to Later and select the desired time from the calendar widget. Click the Start button at the bottom of the screen to schedule this transfer.

Confirmation that the transfer has been "Scheduled"


The Smart Transfer in question (in this example, "Smart Manual") will now be listed under Scheduled Transfers and the console will confirm Smart Transfer submitted.

Review All Scheduled Activity in order to cancel a previously scheduled Smart Transfer.


The "Smart Manual" transfer will show up as scheduled at 11:10PM if the user selects All in the Scheduled drop-down box on the Activity page. If the user has the appropriate permissions a Cancel link will be available under ACTIONS to cancel this scheduled transfer. No record of the transfer will exist if it is cancelled (it will not show up in logs) and the transfer will not happen.


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