Hot Folders on Linux or Mac OS

Hot Folders on the Windows platform runs as the AsperaSync service. The hot folders feature is not available on other operating systems. There are two alternatives on other operating systems: Simple sync and Aspera Sync.

Simple Sync

Available for: Linux, Mac OS, Isilon, and Solaris

Requires: Enterprise Server, Point-to-Point, Aspera Client, or Connect Server

Description: Simple Sync provides similar types of features to automate transfers from a "watched folder" as hot folders. Simple Sync syncs a local folder with remote nodes by doing the following:

  1. Scanning the local folder for any file that is at rest and has been altered since the last scan.

  2. If a file is at rest and has changed, Simple Sync queues the file up for a transfer using ascp.

Simple Sync can be scheduled to run at desired intervals using cron. To learn more about Simple Sync, please contact Aspera Technical Support using the information below.

Aspera Sync

Available for: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Requires: Enterprise Server or Point-to-Point

Description: Aspera Sync is a licensed product that provides an interface similar to rsync, but uses Aspera's fasp. Please visit the following link to read more about Aspera Sync:


Aspera Support
+1 510 849 2386 option 2 | +44 (0) 207 993 6653 option 2 | +81 (0) 3-4578-9357 option 2

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