How to change the download location in Connect plugin

Changing the download directory requires a simple change to the Downloads setting under Transfers in the preferences interface. Below are the steps to make this change.

Bring up the Aspera Connect preferences page


To open the Connect preferences page, select the cog icon in the bottom left corner of the Connect plugin(displayed above on the left side). Alternatively, in Windows, the Connect preferences can be displayed by right clicking the Connect icon and selecting Preferences(displayed above on the right side).


In Mac OS, you can open the Connect Preferences by bringing down the Connect menu in the taskbar and selecting Preferences... Alternatively, you can hit the command key in combination with the comma key(,) when the Connect plugin is selected.


Navigate to the Transfers tab and edit the Downloads preference


Select the Tranfers tab to bring up the Tranfers preferences. In this tab, you can view and edit the Downloads preference. Selecting Save downloaded files to: will allow you to browse and choose a directory where you wish to download files to. Selecting Always ask me where to save downloaded files will make it so when downloading a file you are prompted to select a directory. This completes the process of changing the download location.

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    Hey support,

    This is not working for me. I have previous saved the location where files needs to be save after that i have changed the options to "Always ask me where to save downloaded file."

    Also i have restarted my system even though it's not working.

    Could you please treat this is highest issue and update. I am struggling on this issue.

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    Scott Reed

    I am using the connector in Firefox. There is no Preferences option that I can find.

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    Hido Koldzic

    We are trying to change the download location in Connect plugin but there is no option to open preferences on Aspera Connect on Windows 10 ????????

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