How to change the download location in Connect

The download directory can be changed easily from Connect's Preferences menu. The following steps describe how to make this change:

1. Bring up the Preferences window.

To open Connect Preferences, click the cog icon in the bottom left corner of the Connect plugin, if present:


Windows alternative:  Right-click the Connect "C" icon in the system tray at the right end of the task bar. In the menu that appears, select Preferences.


Mac OS alternative: Open the Connect menu in the menu bar and select Preferences.



2. Open Transfers and specify the download directory.

Select Transfers to view transfer preferences. You can view the current download directory and modify it. Select Save downloaded files to and then click Browse to choose a directory to which you want to download files. Alternatively, you can select Always ask me where to save downloaded files to prompt you to select a directory whenever you initiate a download. 




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    Hey support,

    This is not working for me. I have previous saved the location where files needs to be save after that i have changed the options to "Always ask me where to save downloaded file."

    Also i have restarted my system even though it's not working.

    Could you please treat this is highest issue and update. I am struggling on this issue.

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    Scott Reed

    I am using the connector in Firefox. There is no Preferences option that I can find.

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    Hido Koldzic

    We are trying to change the download location in Connect plugin but there is no option to open preferences on Aspera Connect on Windows 10 ????????

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    Bruce Barrett

    If there is no "gear" in the Transfers window then you can get to the gear / Preferences by...:
    * (Windows) right-clicking the Aspera stylized "C" icon in the tray, and choosing "Preferences."
    * (Mac) In the Aspera Connect menu, Preferences item

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    shashwat gupta

    In the new version i don't see the cog icon and cannot open preferences ... pls help!!

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    shashwat gupta

    ok i found it .. but you should have kept the preferences icon as it was there in the previous release ..

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