How to Set a Custom Look and Feel in the Aspera GUI


The release 3.4.5 of Aspera GUI has added support so the user can select a custom look and feel for the GUI, in order to solve some remote desktop and screen sharing issues under slow connections.


1. Edit the following text file:  C:\Program Files(x86)\Aspera\<ASPERA PRODUCT>\bin\asperascp.prop    
          NOTE: <ASPERA PRODUCT> will vary depending on what is installed. It could be "Enterprise Server", 'Point to Point', or 'Client'.  
          In my example, I am configuring an 'Enterprise Server"


2: Add the option “ui.theme=nimbus“ or “ui.theme=classic“ in order to select Nimbus look and feel or Windows classic look and feel respectively (the latter only valid under Windows).


3.  Restart the Aspera GUI, and you should see the new look and feel



Windows classic:


Nimbus is a valid option in any Operating System, and classic is valid only on Windows

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