What is the difference between a Workgroup and a Dropbox in Faspex?



Workgroups and Dropboxes are features of Faspex that allow you to configure how a collection of users sends or receives packages. They are both created and configured in the Workgroups tab of the main navigation menu. So what's the difference between these two features?


Workgroups define a group of users that can be sent packages as a collective whole. The Faspex administrator determines who has permission to send packages to a Workgroup, whether this is any user on Faspex, only members within the Workgroup, only the Workgroup admin or no one.

A package can be sent to a Workgroup in the normal way packages are sent to users, but rather than using the names of individual recipients the name of the Workgroup is used. Members can then view packages sent to the Workgroup in the Workgroups tab. Permissions can also be set to determine whether members can see other Workgroup members and send them packages individually.


Dropboxes provide a file submission system that users can drop their packages into. Members of a Dropbox can submit files as well as view them. Files are submitted by clicking the New Package drop down on the Faspex menu and selecting the name of the Dropbox to reach the submission page. Dropbox files can then be viewed in the Workgroup tab. However, users don’t necessarily have to be a member or even a Faspex user to submit to a Dropbox.

You are able to invite external users (people who don’t have a Faspex account) to submit to a Dropbox, which they can do with a private URL to the Dropbox submission page that is emailed to them when they’re invited. You can also allow submission via a public URL where anyone who accesses it can obtain their own private link to the Dropbox submission page at any time.


Workgroups are therefore geared for tasks involving a subset of Faspex users who may need to collaborate and send or access packages amongst the group. Dropboxes are useful when you need to receive files from a variety of people, especially when you require a more “one way” approach of users being able to submit, but not view files in the Dropbox.

For more information on how to create and use Workgroups and Dropboxes, please consult the Faspex manual.

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