Allowed HTML tags and attributes in Faspex Notifications


Faspex sends out email Notifications to your users when various events occur, such as when they receive a package. You can customize these Notifications with your own text, as well as with your own formatting.

Faspex allows you to customize Notifications in an HTML editor, meaning you can use HTML tags in your custom message.

For security purposes not all HTML tags and attributes are allowed in Notifications, and any tag not explicitly allowed will be removed from your message.

Allowed HTML tags

del, dd, h3, address, big, sub, tt, a, ul, h4, cite, dfn, h5, small, kbd, code, b, ins, img, h6, sup, pre, strong, 
blockquote, acronym, dt, br, p, div, samp, li, ol, var, em, h1, i, abbr, h2, span, hr

Allowed HTML attributes

name, href, cite, class, title, src, xml:lang, height, datetime, alt, abbr, width, style
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