Using the Connect Browser Plug-In on Firefox versions (43+) that require extensions to be signed


As of Firefox 43, Firefox requires all add-on extensions to be signed by Mozilla. Extensions that are not signed are automatically disabled in the browser.

Because the Aspera Connect plug-in is an NPAPI plugin and not an extension, this new requirement does not affect the functionality of Connect. Users can continue to download and upload files with Connect on Firefox 43 and above as normal.

However, older versions of web applications (both Aspera applications or custom applications) offer the ability to install Connect through the browser with an installer add-on extension, which is now blocked in Firefox 43. This may cause Firefox to give you warnings about the unsigned extension, but having it disabled does not impact your use of Connect, nor does it prevent you from installing Connect.

Upgrading for Connect 3.6

Connect 3.6 along with new server components (Connect 3.6 API) do not make use of the installer extension add-on, and therefore should not give your Connect users warnings.

Users should upgrade Connect to the latest version available by going to the Aspera Downloads site, downloading the installer and running it. On the server-side, your Aspera web application products should be upgraded to recent versions which make use of the new server components to prevent this issue. Your Custom web application developers should also make the switch to the Connect 3.6 API as soon as they practically can.

For Aspera web application products, the following versions use the Connect 3.6 API:

  • Connect Server 3.5.5 and above
  • Faspex 3.9.2 and above
  • Shares 1.9.2 and above

If you are unable to upgrade your applications, you can still use and install Connect on Firefox 43 as stated above. Connect users may receive warnings, but they do not indicate a real problem with Connect functionality.

In some cases, Connect users may need to adjust the plugin settings in Firefox under Tools for Aspera Web to Always Activate or Ask to Activate.

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