Connect Error - FASP1 support not installed

by Serban Simu


The Transfer Manager window of Aspera Connect shows the error:

Error - FASP1 support not installed

This error is caused by a web application requiring support for the FASP v1 protocol (either intentionally or by mistake). Aspera ended support for FASP v1 in 2009. This is a problem with the way the web application was written, and not a problem with the Connect browser plug-in or the Aspera Server used by the web application.


  • Product: Connect browser plugin
  • Operating System: Any


If you are the web page developer, add v=2 to all fasp:// URLs in your application for both uploads and downloads. In the event that you are still using a FASP v1 server, contact Aspera support for an upgrade at Aspera ended support for FASP v1 in 2009.

If you are an end user experiencing the error, please contact the server owner or developer and point out this article.

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