Problem running Aspera products after patching binaries on Windows

by Brian Din


It's possible that after installing a patch for an Aspera product such as Enterprise Server on Windows, the application does not run.

For example, Enterprise Server will not start any HotFolder transfers after patching ascp.exe. This can happen if you downloaded the zip package of the patch to a network share then copied ascp.exe directly from the zip into the bin directory of Enterprise Server on the local machine. When you try to run Asperasync as a service, it will silently fail. When you start the executable from the command line, you will be prompted by Windows to give permissions to ascp.exe to run.


  • Product: Any
  • Operating system: Windows


To resolve this issue, you need to unblock the binary from running.

To unblock a binary from running, right click on the binary file, then click on Properties. Under the General tab, there will be section near the bottom titled Security. Click on the Unblock button then click Apply. Finally, click OK.

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