Periodic issues setting up the Aspera services account through the Windows MSI installer

by Brian Din


When running the Windows MSI installer of any Aspera product that runs Aspera services, you will be prompted to enter in an user account and password to use. When attempting to use a Windows domain account to run the Aspera services, you may receive the following error message.

%s may not be an existing domain account. Please check that the account you are using 
to install the product has access to query the domain. (Windows error: 1326)

where %s is the name of the domain account.


  • Product: Any
  • Operating System: Windows


The problem is that if the user attempting to install the MSI doesn't have access to query the domain controller, even though the user is a valid user, you will receive this error message.


You will need to login as a domain controller admin to run the installation.

To test if your account has access to the domain, you can run the following from the command prompt:

net user <domain account> /domain 

Note: In some cases on Windows 2003 an installation didn't initially work as the local administrator. In this instance logging in as a domain controller administrator and running the installation, then re-running the installation as the local administrator worked. This doesn't work on 2008 as there is a different Windows security policy preventing it.


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