Error: The server may be incorrectly configured or has an incompatible (very old) version of Aspera installed


When attempting to connect to a remove server using an Aspera GUI application, you receive the following error:


One common cause for this error is that the user cannot execute ascmd on the target server.

When the GUI application connects, the following command is run "under the hood":

ssh user@server_name ascmd

Note that the full path to ascmd is not used - so it must be in $PATH. In the case of certain cloud installations, /bin is mounted read-only, and the installation cannot create the link from /opt/aspera/bin/ascmd to /usr/bin/ascmd. This is a possible reason ascmd is unable to run. Another reason could be permissions problems with /opt/aspera/bin/ascmd.


  • Product: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point to Point, Aspera Client
  • Operating System: Linux


To test, from a remote system, use the command:

ssh user@server_name ascmd

You should see something like the following if ascmd can execute properly:

TonyaHarding:~ ric$ ssh ric@ ascmd ^7Linux 2.6.18-8.el5 #1 SMP Thu Mar 15 19:57:35 EDT 2007enUSUTF-8

If you get an error message, it should tell you the problem and help you investigate the issue on the server.


Possible errors:

1. This "command not found" error is caused by /opt/aspera/bin/ascmd not existing or not being in the PATH environment variable:

TonyaHarding:~ ric$ ssh ric@ ascmd
bash: ascmd: command not found

Check that the binary exists at /opt/aspera/bin/ascmd. If it does, verify that it has a symlink in the /usr/bin directory:

# cd /usr/bin
# ls -la | grep ascmd

If the file exists but the symlink does not, you can create the symlink with the following command:

ln -s /opt/aspera/bin/ascmd /usr/bin/ascmd


2. The "Permission denied" error is caused by /opt/aspera/bin/ascmd not having execute permissions:

TonyaHarding:~ ric$ ssh ric@ ascmd
bash: /bin/ascmd: Permission denied

/opt/aspera/bin/ascmd should have ownership and permissions as follows:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1464044 Dec 16 18:03 ascmd

If it does not have these permissions, you can set them with the following command:

chmod 755 /opt/aspera/bin/ascmd
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