Installation of Enterprise Server on Centos 6.x (or RHEL 6.x) fails for perl dependency


An installation of Aspera Enterprise Server or Connect Server may fail on CentOS 6.x or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x due to dependencies on perl modules. The perl-CGI module is not installed by default with Perl 5.10 on CentOS/RHEL 6.x. If this happens please follow the steps below to correct the issue with your Linux host.



Product: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point to Point

Operating System: Linux CentOS 6.x or RHEL 6.x



Use yum or the package manager of your choice to install this module:
yum install perl-CGI


Now Enterprise Server can be installed per the Installation section of the Admin Guide:

rpm -Uvh aspera-entsrv-x.x.x.xxxxx-linux-64.rpm



Note: The perl-CGI package is actually only required for Connect Server installations. The same package (aspera-entsrv) is used for both Enterprise Server and Connect Server. If you only license Enterprise Server you can choose to install aspera with the "--no-deps" option.


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