File integrity verification with asptool


The asptool is very useful for determining file differences when troubleshooting file content integrity problems.

It can calculate an md5 sum of the entire file or chunk by chunk.  For example, to determine how different two files are, or how exactly they are different (where the differences are), you can run a chunk by chunk md5 sum of both the good and the bad file, for example with 1 or 1 MB chunk sizes. You can then save the result to file, and then diff the results (diff is a Unix command line tool that will show the differences between two text files).


asptool md5 all <file>
asptool md5 range <file> <start> <end>
asptool md5 chunk <file> <start> <chunk-size>


Example md5 checksums chunk by chunk, with 10MB chunks:

./asptool-linux-64 md5 chunk  MY_TEST_FILE  0  $((10*1024*1024))
MD5 0-10485760 2c5f04daf3d11078ad58827150a77a59
MD5 10485760-20971520 17b48e2a42e29e00c626c0b0035b70e9
MD5 20971520-31457280 8599388558b1d238d7dd0ac17778bf60
MD5 31457280-41943040 1a0cbb2d34fd5e5fbc69613eb4af2579
MD5 41943040-52428800 887848e7389b162d0cc3b013fb2d079f
MD5 52428800-62914560 91fe42072dc3295b3509acb3a5faa89e
MD5 62914560-73400320 17f1e2d531526d7afc787defcd922030
MD5 73400320-83886080 3ee8a0808ebad2ce3b772513fa58dd01
MD5 83886080-94371840 8b5ce5c4f9e89635ea5fe04ab0970c0d
MD5 94371840-104857600 5e9bb890fcf3605e4e618798264eee5e
MD5 104857600-115343360 e8bbe2a15c5849cb27360f67c1fff4da
MD5 115343360-125829120 6b100e310f143044f7baef8afc6ab267
MD5 125829120-136314880 f21a8d91c12aff40469a1f92a360bbed
MD5 136314880-146800640 4e36cb63c6c20676a63aee9cc3ddb253
MD5 146800640-157286400 9e8d4f5ab9e7b062781d7726646533a7
MD5 157286400-167772160 c41150e90d5be5c44566ee48fd200d8b
MD5 167772160-178257920 de4289cb2fec2695af53e33f422fd398
MD5 178257920-188743680 0dee25f7c7d11c327c05b9e3df80da9e


Attached are both the Linux and Windows versions of asptool. For assistance in verifying any files please contact the support team by creating a new ticket.


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