Prompted to update license when launching but import license file button grayed out


When Aspera Client, Point to Point or Server software is launched on Windows before it has been licensed (e.g. after the initial installation) the user will be prompted to update the license. However, the "Import License File" and "Paste License Text" buttons may be greyed out. 




This happens because the user is not recognized by Windows as a full administrator or Windows "User Account Control" restrictions are being applied. The application needs to be run with elevated privileges.


  • Product: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point to Point, Aspera Client
  • Operating System: Windows



To run with the necessary privileges either:

  • Right click on the application icon and select Run as administrator from the context menu to launch the application
  • Right click the program icon used to launch and select Properties from the context menu. Edit the properties on the Compatibility Tab under Privilege Level to Run this program as an administrator




Now you should be able to import your license file. If you are still having trouble please contact Aspera Support for assistance.

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