task ascp blocked for more than 120 seconds


Applications such as ascp hang and the kernel prints error messages such as:

Aug 9 07:21:28 async01 kernel: INFO: task ascp:29445 blocked for more than 120 seconds


This is a Linux kernel problem in the NFS area (not an Aspera product problem).

We believe this is caused by NFS errors - when the NFS server goes offline or has errors, the CentOS or RHEL system which is an NFS client in this case will potentially hang and applications such as ascp that try to access that NFS partition will hang.

The kernel then prints the above message when the application has been hanging for 120+ seconds.  The printing of the message is not a problem - ascp would be entirely hung anyway and would have to be killed and restarted.


Operating System: Linux (CentOS or RHEL 5.x)



 To fix this problem, please upgrade to CentOS or RHEL 6.0 or later.


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