How to generate server-side ascp core dumps (Linux)


Since server-side ascp processes are spawned by sshd, you need to enable core dumps explicitly and set up a special directory where the core dump files will be stored. Use the following instructions to do this.


  • Operating System: Linux



1. Edit /etc/security/limits.conf.

Add this line at the end:

* soft core 400000000

This will enable core file up to 400MB (approximately)

Also make sure that /etc/profile doesn't contain something like ulimit -c 0 which would turn core files off.

2. Set up the directory where core files  will be located

To store your cores in /tmp for example, issue the following command:

echo "/tmp/%e-pid%p-uid%u.core" > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern

If you choose another directory make sure all users have permissions to write there:

chmod 777 my_directory


3. Test the new system

To test, start an ascp transfer to this server from a client machine.

On the server, determine the PID of the server (in my example: 7777), and kill it by running the following

# ps aux | grep ascp
# kill -SIGSEGV 7777


Then, you should see the core file at the top of the list after running the following:

ls -lt /tmp
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