LOG Queue: SOURCE_NEW_Q space-avail repeated many times in transfer logs


When looking at your transfer logs you may find that your log is filled up with messages like the following:

 LOG Queue: SOURCE_NEW_Q space-avail


Product: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point to Point


This is caused by a client using the -v parameter when transferring on the command line via ascp. These entries are made in both the client and server logs.

The -v parameter is defined as enabling "verbose mode", so the user may think that it will provide useful messages. These Queue log entries are of interest only to Aspera engineering, and contain no useful information for the end user. This is to be deprecated in a future release. Unfortunately there is no option to prevent this logging request made by the client. If you find that your logs are filled with these messages, you should contact your clients and ask them not to use this parameter.

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