Console/Faspex fails to install on Windows with Error adding local user svcAspera (Access Denied)


When installing Console or Faspex in Windows, you run into the following error when choosing the Aspera service user:

Error adding local user svcAspera (Access Denied)




If you attempt to use a domain user, the following error may occur: is not an existing domain account. First, create a domain account then re-run. (Windows error: 1722)


This occurs because of Windows permissions (User Account Control) with certain installers. The issue can also be caused by a domain that controls the creation of local users on the machine, which prevents the software from doing so. 


  • Product: Console, Faspex
  • Operating System: Windows



One possible solution is creating the svcAspera user manually. This will allow the installer to get around some of the permission issues. 

If the above doesn't work, it's possible to run the installer from the command line to ensure that it's being installed under an administrator. First, open the command line as an administrator by right clicking on the Command Prompt and selecting Run As Administrator. Once the prompt is open, run the following command to execute the MSI file (replace installation_file with the name of your installation file):

msiexec /i installation_file.msi


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