Connect transfer errors with "FASP process failed to initialize. (Code:1003)" in Windows


In some scenarios, transfers made in the Connect plug-in may fail with the error FASP process failed to initialize. (Code:1003):



If running on Windows, this could be due to an anti-virus quarantining a file required by the Connect plug-in. In the majority of cases with this error, the following file is quarantined by Norton anti-virus:

C:\Users\username\appdata\local\aspera\aspera connect\bin\ssleay32.dll

ssleay32.dll is a module associated with the OpenSSL library and is commonly packaged with Windows software. It's unclear why some anti-virus software quarantines this file, but it is believed to be a false positive. 


  • Product: Connect browser plugin
  • Operating System: Windows




To resolve this issue, the quarantined file must be restored. In the case of Norton, you must browse the quarantine history, select the file ssleay32.dll, and then select restore



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