Invalid Job Request when attempting a transfer in Console


When submitting a simple or smart transfer with a node running a transfer server version 3.3 or greater from a Console server running version 1.7.3 or before, you may run into the following error:

Invalid Job Request

This is due to a feature introduced in 3.3 which must be disabled to work with older Console versions.


  • Product: Console + Enterprise Server, Connect Server or Point to Point
  • Server version: 3.3 or later
  • Console version: 1.7.3 or earlier



To resolve this issue, schema validation must be disabled. This change must be made by editing aspera.conf or using asuserdata from the command line. Here is the asuserdata command to use to change this value:

asconfigurator -x "set_central_server_data;schema_validation,disable" 


If you wish to edit aspera.conf directly, here are the locations:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\<product>\etc\aspera.conf
  • Linux: /opt/aspera/etc/aspera.conf
  • Mac: /Library/Aspera/etc/aspera.conf

The following must be added to the <central_server>...</central_server> section:



After making this change, asperanoded and asperacentral must both be restarted:

Use the following commands to restart asperanoded:

sudo /etc/init.d/asperanoded restart

Mac OS X
$ sudo launchctl stop com.aspera.asperanoded
$ sudo launchctl start com.aspera.asperanoded

> sc stop asperanoded
> sc start asperanoded


To restart asperacentral on Windows, go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, select Aspera Central and click Restart on the left.

Use the following commands to restart asperacentral for Linux or Mac OS X:

/etc/init.d/asperacentral restart

Mac OS X
$ sudo launchctl stop com.aspera.asperacentral
$ sudo launchctl start com.aspera.asperacentral
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