Aspera Shares patch for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) support


When visiting web pages with Internet Explorer 11 and Aspera Connect installed, the web page may complain that the Connect plug-in is not installed on the system. 


  • Product: Aspera Shares
  • Version: 1.6 and earlier
  • Operating System: Windows or Linux


This issue is resolved in Aspera Shares 1.7 or later. For Shares 1.6 and earlier, the file attached to this article ( is required to patch the server.


1. Back up the following file in the Aspera Shares install directory depending on your operating system. "123" in the file name represents a long unique id.

  • On Windows: C:\Shares\www\public\assets\application-123.js
  • On Linux: /opt/aspera/shares/u/shares/public/assets/application-123.js

Note: The file application-123.js has a 32-digit string on at the end of the filename instead of "123". Do NOT edit the the file application.js. It will not work.

2. Extract the contents of this ZIP file to a temporary directory.

3. Append the contents of the extracted asperaweb.js file to the end of the file application-123.js where "123" represents a long unique id.

4. Rename the file application-123.js.gz to _application-123.js.gz where "123" represents a unique id.

5. Test for success by viewing a directory listing in one of the share directories. The prompt to install Aspera Connect should be absent if your version of Aspera Connect meets the minimum version requirements for your installation.




Author: Marco Di Costanzo





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