Where are the Faspex logs located?

This is a reference of the log locations for Faspex, which is available on Linux and Windows. These would be useful when you need to send your log files to Aspera for technical support.

For more information on how to send your logs to Aspera, see this article (How to send your log files to Aspera).


  • /opt/aspera/faspex/log/


  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Faspex\log

Log Files

Within the Faspex log folder, you will find the following log files:

  • faspex_background.log
  • faspex_db_background.log
  • faspex_ds_background.log
  • faspex_email_background.log
  • faspex_np_background_start.log
  • mongrel.3xxx.log
  • production.3xxx.log
  • production.log
  • statscollector.log




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