How to send your log files to Aspera


In order to better assist you with a problem, technical support may ask you to send copies of the log files for your product. The following method is the preferred way of sending your logs to Aspera, as it uses Aspera's secure log server based on Faspex.


You will receive an email invitation to a link where you can upload your files. The link is reusable and can be accessed at any time should you need to upload more files. If you do not receive a link or an email invite, contact the support engineer handling your ticket.

When using the link, you will need to include some information in addition to attaching the log files:

  • Enter a title of your choice to describe any aspect of your submission, such as a short description of the product issue or of the files you're submitting.
  • Enter the ticket number for your open product issue. This is found in the subject line of the emails exchanged between you and your support engineer.
  • You may optionally input a note to further describe your problem or the files you're sending.


You can browse for the relevant files or drag them into the interface to attach them. Once you have attached all the files, click Send Package to complete your submission.

Note that you will need to have the Aspera Connect browser plugin installed to attach the log files. If you don't have the plugin, you will be prompted to install it when using the link. Alternatively, you may also download the plugin at

If you would prefer not to submit your log files this way, ask your support engineer for a different method of sending your log files.




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