Failed to add user to group error in Faspex installation on Windows


When trying to install Faspex on Windows the installation fails with the error message Failed to add user to group. (-2147022676 faspex Users ). Below is an example:



As part of a normal installation of Faspex, a user account named faspex is created which is then added to the user group Users on the system. If you are running Windows in a language other than English the users group may be named differently, which could cause an error because the Users group would not be found. In Spanish Windows 7 for example, the users group is named Usuarios rather than Users.

The solution to this issue is to create a Users group on the system and add the natively named users group to it as a member, as described in the following instructions.



The following will continue to use Spanish Windows 7 as an example.

1. Click the Start button and type mmc in the search bar. Double click the program to launch Microsoft Management Console.



2. In the left panel, click Local Users and Groups. For Spanish Windows, this would be Usuarios y grupos locales (local).

If you don’t see this option, go to File > Add/Remove Snap-in on the top menu bar. Find and select Local Users and Groups from the list on the left, then click Add. Click OK.

On Spanish Windows, go to Archivo > Agregar o quitar complemento. Find and select Usuarios y grupos locales (local) from the list on the left, then click Agregar. Click Aceptar.


3. Expand the Local Users and Groups item on the left and click Groups. For Spanish Windows, you would expand Usuarios y grupos locales (local) and click Grupos.

4. Go to Action > New Group in the top menu bar. In Spanish Windows this would be Accion > Grupo nuevo. Name the group Users and add in any description you want.


5. Click the Add/Agregar button to add a member. In the window that appears, enter the name of the native users group on your system.

For example, on Spanish Windows 7, you would need to type in Usuarios to add this group to Users as a member:


Click OK/Aceptar.

6. Click Create/Crear to finish adding the group.

7. Restart the Faspex installation process. You should now be able to install successfully.

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