"Error connecting to node" message in Console


When trying to edit a managed node in the Accounts tab of its Node Maintenance page, you receive the error message: Error connecting to node.

This indicates that there is a problem either with the SSH connection to the node or, if you are on Console 3.0 or higher, with Node API communication with the node.


  • Product: Console
  • Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X


1. Check whether your SSH connection is working properly. In the Node Maintenance page for your node, click on the Credentials tab. At the bottom, click the Test Credentials button. If SSH is working, you will see the message Successfully connected to node via ssh.

If your SSH connection is not working properly, try the following:

  • Make sure you entered the correct login name and password for the admin account of the node machine
  • Make sure the SSH port on your node machine is not blocked by a firewall

2. If you’re on Console 3.0 or higher, your node machine has to be properly configured for the Node API. This entails creating a Node API user, which you may not have done on your node if you upgraded from a previous version of Console, or if your node has a transfer server version earlier than 3.5.5.

You can create a Node API user by running the command below. Replace system_user with the admin user of the machine (that has also been added as a transfer user to your server), node_api_username with your desired Node API username and node_api_passwd with a Node API password:

asnodeadmin.exe -a -u node_api_username -p node_api_passwd -x system_user --acl-set impersonation

/opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin -a -u node_api_username -p node_api_passwd -x system_user --acl-set impersonation

Mac OS X
sudo /Library/Aspera/bin/asnodeadmin -a -u node_api_username -p node_api_passwd -x system_user --acl-set impersonation

Additionally, if your node is a Legacy Node (it will be listed as such in the Nodes tab) you will need to convert it to a regular node. The steps for converting are:

a. Click edit on the node and select the Credentials tab. Enter your Node API credentials.

b. Click the Convert tab then Convert to use Node API. Select OK to confirm.

c. Click Open all and deselect any overriden values in the Database and Transfer Server sections.

d. Click Save changes.

e. In the node machine, restart Aspera Central.

On Windows, right click Computer in the Start menu and select Manage. Click Services and Applications, then Services. Locate and select Aspera Cental in the list of services and on the left, click Restart.

Use the following command(s) for Linux or Mac OS X:

/etc/init.d/asperacentral restart

Mac OS X
$ sudo launchctl stop com.aspera.asperacentral
$ sudo launchctl start com.aspera.asperacentral


Note that you must set ACL impersonation when creating a Node API user for Console 3.0 and above. If the transfer server on your node is earlier than 3.5.5, you will need to upgrade to at least 3.5.5 in order to set ACL impersonation.

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