Console Smart Transfer missing endpoints


When creating a new Smart Transfer and attempting to choose a saved login as an endpoint, the desired endpoint is not present in the dropdown menu.



This issue is due to two factors in the Smart Transfer:

  • You are attempting to share the Smart Transfer.
  • The missing endpoint is a personal saved endpoint.

You will notice that if you uncheck the Share this smart transfer check box you will see the desired endpoint in the dropdown as usual. The endpoint will be indicated as a personal login:



A personal saved endpoint is the login credentials to a node that a user has provided themselves. You can also tell that the missing endpoint is a personal saved endpoint if it appears in your user account’s Preferences under Saved Endpoints, but not in the Endpoints tab of the node’s Node Maintenance page.

By default users cannot share a Smart Transfer containing personal saved endpoints, which is why these endpoints are not available in the dropdown.


  • Product: Console



There are two ways to make the missing endpoints available in the dropdown of a new Smart Transfer:

1. Add the personal saved endpoint as a non-personal endpoint.

To do this, go to the Nodes tab and click edit for the desired node. Click the Endpoints tab then the Add Endpoint button. Here you can add the login information for your endpoint, after which the endpoint will become available in Smart Transfers.


2. Configure Console to allow users to share Smart Transfers with personal saved endpoints.

Click on the Configuration tab of the main navigation menu and select the Defaults tab. Check the Smart Transfer Sharing check box and then click Save.


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