License is not a Faspex license error


After installing the license you received from Aspera into your Faspex web interface, you see the following error message: "License is not a Faspex license".



This error is due to an incorrect license file being installed on Faspex--most likely a transfer server license.

In order to use Faspex, you need a valid license for the underlying transfer server and a valid license for the Faspex web application. This error appears if you attempt to install the transfer server license on Faspex.

The license for the Faspex web application is named with the format below. This is the file that should be installed on your Faspex web interface:

  • Faspex-Users-ID.aspera-license

The license for transfer servers can be any of the following below. If you receive one of these licenses, they must be installed on the transfer server, not on Faspex:

  • ID-EntSrv-Faspex-BANDWIDTH.aspera-license      (*this is the current naming convention)
  • ID-FaspexSrv-BANDWIDTH.aspera-license
  • ID-ConnectSrv-BANDWIDTH.aspera-license
  • ID-EntSrv-BANDWIDTH.aspera-license

For more information on Faspex licensing, please see this article: Faspex licensing.

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