Nil docroot logging by asperanoded


asperanoded fills the /var/log/messages file with lines about an error involving a Nil docroot:

Sep 10 13:22:28 aspera asperanoded[838]: ERR Nil docroot
Sep 10 13:22:55 aspera asperacentral[901]: LOG eb/pe/he/fc=1000/0/31/0 rs/rf=2/2 ql/qt=31/4368


  • Product: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point to Point
  • Operating System: Linux


The fix to this issue is to add a docroot to any transfer user that does not have one. A transfer user’s docroot is a directory on your server that the user can access, along with any files and folders within it. Users cannot access anything outside or above the docroot, so configuring one for each user is also a good idea in terms of security.

You can add a docroot for a user using your transfer server’s GUI application, or through the command line using the tool asconfigurator. The docroot can be any path (/tmp, /, /path/to/your/docroot), as long as it is not empty.

via GUI

1. Click the Configuration button on the top right of the application. On the left panel, click the Users tab.

2. From here, select the user you wish to add a docroot for and on the right panel, click the Docroot tab.

3. For the Absolute Path setting, click the Override button and type in the path of your desired docroot. You can also click the button to browse to the path.



via asconfigurator

The general syntax of the command to add a docroot to a user is the following:

asconfigurator -x "set_user_data;user_name,<username>;absolute,<docroot_path>"


For example, to add the docroot /home/janedoe to the user janedoe, you would run the following:

asconfigurator -x "set_user_data;user_name,janedoe;absolute,/home/janedoe"
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