Error 41/77: File location is outside ‘docroot’ hierarchy



Errors 41 and 77 refer to the situation where a transfer is attempted to or from a directory that lies outside a transfer user’s docroot.

A docroot is the designated part of the server that a transfer user can access. It consists of a directory and all the subdirectories within it. Transfer users can only upload or download files within their assigned docroot. Transfers attempted outside the docroot will result in this error.

Examples of this error

This error can manifest itself in several ways, including in the GUI application for your server, the command line if you’re transferring with ascp, and in the transfer log file.

GUI and ascp

When a transfer is attempted outside the docroot, you will see the following error on the command line or in the status of your transfer in the GUI:

Server aborted session: File location is outside ‘docroot’ hierarchy

Log file

The aspera-scp-transfer.log file records helpful information for each attempted transfer, labelled by the date and time attempted. For a reference of the location of this log file on your system, please see this article (Where are the Client or Server logs located?).

A sample of what would be logged for a failed transfer with error code 41 and 77 is the following:

2015-09-21 15:54:17 [2924-000028c4] ERR FASP receiver had error, errcode 77 errstr [Server aborted session: 
File location is outside 'docroot' hierarchy]
2015-09-21 15:54:17 [2924-000028c4] ERR Peer FASP sender had error, errcode 77 errstr [File location is outside
'docroot' hierarchy]
2015-09-21 15:54:17 [2924-000012d4] LOG FASP Session Start uuid=4418d382-75f7-48a7-a9b1-b19f5668b1c7 op=recv
status=failed errcode=41 errstr="File location is outside 'docroot' hierarchy"


Ensure you are not trying to access an area outside the docroot in your transfers. A path such as the following is invalid:

  • ../example/path

You can also double check the docroot assigned to the transfer user to ensure it is configured correctly.

On the GUI click the Configuration button. Click Users on the left and select your transfer user. In the Docroot tab, verify the path for Absolute Path is the correct docroot path.

You can also check your transfer user’s docroot path using asconfigurator on the command line. The command to do so is the following, where transfer_user should be replaced with your transfer user:

asconfigurator -x "get_user_data;user_name,transfer_user" | grep absolute
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