Orchestrator error: Failed (Transmission failed: #<SOAP::FaultError: Malformed Message>)


When submitting an XML payload from Orchestrator to initiate a transfer on a node, the payload fails with the following error:

Failed (Transmission failed: #<SOAP::FaultError: Malformed Message>)


This indicates that the XML payload was rejected by the schema validation, which checks that the XML data is well formed. For recent versions of Aspera transfer servers, the schema validation is broken and rejects well-formed data. In this instance you will need to disable it for your payloads to be successful.


  • Product: Orchestrator + Enterprise Server, Connect Server or Point to Point
  • Server version: 3.3 or later



On the node machine that is not accepting the XML payload, run the following command to disable schema validation:

asconfigurator -x "set_central_server_data;schema_validation,disable" 


Next, restart asperanoded and asperacentral on the node machine.

Use the following commands to restart asperanoded:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/asperanoded restart

Mac OS X
$ sudo launchctl stop com.aspera.asperanoded
$ sudo launchctl start com.aspera.asperanoded

C:\> sc stop asperanoded
C:\> sc start asperanoded


To restart asperacentral on Windows, go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, select Aspera Central and click Restart on the left.

Use the following commands to restart asperacentral for Linux or Mac OS X:

$/etc/init.d/asperacentral restart

Mac OS X
$ sudo launchctl stop com.aspera.asperacentral
$ sudo launchctl start com.aspera.asperacentral


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