Troubleshooting error codes and messages


When an error occurs with your Aspera product you will usually be shown some sort of error message, and at times you may even see an error code that accompanies it.

Error codes and messages can appear in the GUI and on the command line, and are in a majority of cases recorded in the product logs.

Below is a reference of articles that describe some common error messages and error codes, and some troubleshooting measures you can take to resolve the issue.

Please be aware that there are multiple sets of error codes that Aspera products use, some which only appear in the logs and some which may appear in the GUI or command line. For many issues error codes in different sets overlap. This is why some of the articles below refer to multiple error codes for the same kind of error, or why an error code appears in multiple articles.

Therefore, you should take into account both the error code and the error message you see to help you narrow down the cause of your error.


Error code articles

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