Public URLs on Faspex using the wrong server address


Faspex supports the use of alternate addresses to its web interface, such as when you need one address for your network’s internal users and another address for external users. Public URLs allow users without a Faspex account to submit to a Faspex dropbox or send a Faspex user a package.

When you have multiple addresses configured, you may find that public URLs are using the wrong address, such as the internal address instead of the external address.


This is not a bug because the way public URLs are displayed on the Faspex interface depends on which server address you are currently using. If you are logged onto Faspex’s internal address, your public URLs will use the internal address. If you are logged onto Faspex’s external address, your public URLs will use the external address. Both addresses work in the public URLs.

If your external address is and your internal address is, you can simply replace the internal address with the external address in the public URL.

For example, both this public URL:


and the following work:


Alternatively, you can log into the Faspex external address and copy the correct public URLs from there.

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